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A Fistful of Tango


"A Fistful of Tango" is an evening of dance lessons and entertainment appropriate for audiences of all ages.  The program is available in English and Spanish.  Monica Caivano and Gustavo Simplis of Esquina Tango Dance Studio start the evening off with a beginner's tango dance lesson.  After the dance lesson, pianist Justin Sherburn and violinist Leigh Mahoney perform traditional Argentine tangos while a silent movie, "A Fistful of Tango" plays. 


To learn more about Monica Caivano and Gustavo Simplis and Esquina Tango Dance Studio,  CLICK HERE. 

A Fistful of Tango, available in Spanish and English


"A Fistful of Tango" is a comedic reimagining of the 1920 silent western film "The Toll Gate" directed by William Hart.  Montopolis provides the live musical score, performing the traditional tango arrangements of Austin composer Glover Gill.  Comedian Carlos LaRotta has rewritten the movie in the irreverent style typical of the Alamo Drafthouse production Master Pancake Theater.  Dancers Monica Caivano and Gustavo Simplis perform during the screening.  


The evening begins with a tango dance lesson followed by a "milonga", the traditional Argentine social dance. The film screening and performance end the evening.    


Second in the trilogy of comedy westerns that began in 2020 with "The Return of Draw Egan", "A Fistful of Tango" follows the protagonist, William Foxtrot, on a quest for tango, justice, and more tango.  The original 1920 film "The Toll Gate" has been edited to support this new story, and the live score of traditional tangos provided by pianist Justin Sherburn and violinist Leigh Mahoney is the culmination of 20 years of their collaboration with composer and arranger Glover Johns Gill (Tosca Tango Orchestra, Glovertango).

View the English language version of the film HERE. 

View the Spanish language version of the film HERE.  

Inquire about booking A Fistful of Tango HERE

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