The Living Coast is a touring concert that combines original music with beautiful cinematic images and first person audio stories celebrating life along the Texas Gulf Coast. The stories are told by those who have lived along its shores, fished its waters, profited from its industries and strived to understand and protect its future. The music, images and stories are a love letter to the region and reflect the feel and tone of the Texas Coast.

The Living Coast is brought to you by the collaborative Montopolis, which produced the critically acclaimed and commercially successful concerts, Music for Enchanted Rock and The Legend of Big Bend. The live music will be written and performed by Justin Sherburn. Anlo Sepulveda, co-director of the award winning visual documentary Yakona, will helm the visual portion of The Living Coast in collaboration with a team of exceptional cinematographers. Also, Outkast FPV (Regan Jobe) will capture jaw dropping aerial imagery. Aarin Hartwell is leading the production team as producer and marketing guru.


Our team will tell the story of the Texas Coast in a way that reflects its beauty and recognizes its contradictions.  Children jumping off sand dunes, surfers waiting for the next wave, dawn at Cavallo pass, a fly fisherman casting in the shallows at sunset, Galveston’s special charm and rich history, SpaceX rockets lifting into space, shrimpers returning with their catch, oil refineries, bridges and massive tankers with dolphins surfing along the bow.

The imagery is projected behind the band as they perform, creating a one of a kind experience that combines electrifying music, stunning cinematography and heartfelt stories, leaving the audience awe-inspired and motivated to protect what makes the Texas Gulf Coast region special.

So, join us as we tell the story of a region vibrant with history, beauty, industry and life. Help us tell the story of The Living Coast!

Below are examples of interview recordings played back during the concert.  These first person accounts define the narrative and inform the music and video elements.

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